Free PT Introductory Session

New and returning clients are invited to a free consultation session, where we can discuss your targets and aspirations. This is also the best way to get to know me! Contact me for further details, and bookings!

Massage clients will be offered a great deal the more sessions you book in advance.  Regular massages are more beneficial than a one-off massage, so get booking now!  Contact me


Now offering ONLINE workouts at a reduced charge


Use my FAQs to find answers to common questions, or Contact me.


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Health and Wellbeing

The whole body, mind and spirit is essential and must be looked after with care.  Time is needed to heal the body and the mind individually and then as a whole.

Building strength and slowly confidence can be a great way to improve ones overall wellbeing.  The physical, emotional, mental and spirital wellbeing will develop over time once you have made the commitment to begin your path.  

Don't leave it too late to start training. 

Getting fitter, stronger and looking great for yourself does take time and commitment.  It is a lifestyle change that will get you feeling great.  


Whatever your targets, it is now time to get in shape, strengthening your body, and begin training! 


Contact me now! 07872 149492